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  • Arturo Rodríguez López-Abadía
Arturo Rodríguez López-Abadía
Vol. 1 (2014), Rescates y creación de textos, Páginas 263-268
Recibido: jul. 24, 2018 Publicado: sept. 17, 2018
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Jurgen, a comedy of justice, by James Branch Cabell is one of the most classical pieces of American fantastic literature and has inspired many writers, especially Terry Pratchett, that follows the idea of parodying medieval-inspired countries with a touch of magic, displayed mostly for laughs. Jurgen tells the story of a pawnbroker/poet that one day makes the Devil a favour and the Devil, grateful, grants him for a period of one year the possibility of returning to his youthful self to enjoy life and have love adventures. In the fantasy-medieval land where he lives, the Arthurian legend is real, and he will encounter the great characters such as Guinevere or Anaitis, the Lady of the Lake and have love affairs with every single one of them. But, at the end of this period, he returns home with some material for his poetry and to the normal life of a miserable married man.


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