Vol. 9 No. 2 (2020)

Special Issue: The Role of Institutions and Governance in Sport

Special issue editor: Paolo Rungo.

Within the framework of activities of the 10th Ibero-American Conference on Sports Economics (CIED10 - Barcelona, Spain, 12-14 June 2019), organised by the Spanish Society of Sports Economics (SEED), the European Journal of Government and Economics launched a call for papers on the role of institutions and governance in Sport. As a result, this Special Issue includes a selection of articles of relevance for researchers and professionals interested in the management and governance of sports organisations.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17979/ejge.2020.9.2

Published: 2020-07-24

Table of contents

Surveys assessing sports services and municipal governance

  • Júlia Bosch
  • Laureà Fanega
  • Jaume García
  • Núria Hernández
  • Xavier Moya
  • Carles Murillo
Published: Jul 24, 2020
Pages 143-154

Evaluation of the perceived social impacts of the Formula E Grand Prix of Santiago de Chile

  • David Parra-Camacho
  • Daniel Michel Duclos Bastías
  • Frano Giakoni Ramírez
  • Samuel López-Carril
Published: Jul 24, 2020
Pages 155-169

Comparative analysis of income trends and perceived value of squad of the highest turnover European football clubs (2010-2019)

  • Benito Pérez-González
  • Luis de la Riva
  • José Bonal
  • Alvaro Fernández-Luna
Published: Jul 24, 2020
Pages 170-180

Analysis of loyalty and future intentions of the users of the golf courses in Andalusia, Spain

  • Marcos Pradas García
  • María José Maciá Andreu
  • Marta García-Tascón
  • Ana María Gallardo Guerrero
Published: Jul 24, 2020
Pages 181-199

Female leadership in sports clubs

  • Alfonso Martínez-Moreno
  • Francisco Cavas-García
  • Francisco Cano-Noguera
  • Arturo Díaz-Suárez
Published: Jul 24, 2020
Pages 200-209

The profile of leisure time sports people and their reason for doing sport in Spanish sports facilities

  • Moises Grimaldi Puyana
  • Pablo Gálvez-Ruiz
  • Manel Valcarce-Torrente
  • Ainara Bernal-García
Published: Jul 24, 2020
Pages 210-219