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Manuscripts will be submitted through this platform. The contact author must fill in the required metadata, selecting first the main language of the article.
All co-authors' details should be provided, including affiliation, email and Orcid.
Bibliographic references should also be included in the corresponding section. Please pay the utmost attention to conform to the required format for the bibliographical references and in keywords.


The text should be sent in word format, preferably using the TEMPLATE available at


The document shall be labelled FIRST_AUTHOR_MNS, e.g. CARVALHO_LOPEZ_MNS

Each figure shall also be submitted in a separate document, preferably in tiff format and with appropriate (high) resolution. They will be labelled as FIRST_AUTHOR_FIG_1, FIRST_AUTHOR_FIG_2, etc.


Original manuscripts will be accepted in English, Spanish, Portuguese or Galician.


It should include


in the main language of the text and in English.


Including full names, full affiliation, email of each, ORCID of each.

The contact author(s) will also be indicated.


in English, Spanish and the main language of the text if other


in English, Spanish and the main language of the text if other


It will be presented according to the classic sections of a scientific work.

Bibliographical citations within the text will be put in capital letters and the following authors abbreviated as "et al."

All the illustrations of the manuscript must be labelled as figures (drawings, maps, photographs, graphs), etc.)

In the text of the manuscript, the approximate place for Tables and Figures should be indicated, which should be numbered consecutively (Table 1, Table 2, Figure 1... etc.)

At the end of the manuscript, the text of the captions of Figures and headings of Tables should be inserted.


The following models will be used for the list:

journal article:

González-Sampériz, P., Valero, B.L., Moreno, A., Jalut, G., García-Ruiz, J.M., Martí, C., Delgado, A., Navas, A., Otto, T., Dedoubat, J.J. 2006. Climate variability in the Spanish Pyrenees during the last 30.000 yr revealed by the El Portalet sequence. Quaternary Research 66, 38-52. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.yqres.2006.02.004


Barsch, D., 1996. Rockglaciers. Springer, Berlin.

book chapter:

Bergersen, O.F., Garnes, K. 1983. Glacial deposits in the culmination zone of the Scandinavian ice sheet. Ehlers, J., (ed.), Glacial deposits in north-west Europe, 29–40, A.A. Balkema, Rotterdam.

IMPORTANT: Authors separated by commas. Do not add "and" or "&" before the last author. Include the complete DOI of the articles whenever possible.


The maximum length of the manuscript will be 15 pages (approximately 6000 words), apart from figures and tables. For longer papers, please consult the Editorial Committee.


The Editorial Committee reserves the right to return to the author/s those manuscripts that do not comply with these rules. The texts sent will be submitted to the review of the Scientific Reviewers appointed by the Journal.