Call for papers Special Issue 2022

Deadline: 2021, 30th November

Language: English, Spanish and Portugues

Editors: Carlos Alves e Carlos Figueiredo

Salt weathering: processes, products, hazards and solutions.

Salt weathering is observed on diverse media across geological and anthropogenic environments, from rock outcrops to human-made objects, contributing to geomorphological forms and being a potential hazard to materials used in cultural heritage and modern and future structures.

For this special issue, we seek original papers focused on this general subject, concerning such issues as:

+) field observations, laboratory simulations and quantitative and qualitative modelling of the effects of salt weathering on rocks and stones, including proposals relating petrographical features to the impact of soluble salts and hazard assessment in relation to environmental factors (including the potential effects of climate change);

+) geomorphological, textural, mineralogical and geochemical characterization of the products of salt weathering;

+) strategies and techniques for minimizing the negative effects of salt weathering on historical and contemporary human objects made from geological materials;

+) characterization of salt contaminated land for assessing potential hazard levels to new constructions and potential measures to avoid those detrimental effects;

+) proposals for valuing the products of salt weathering in teaching and touristic perspectives.

But these are just examples and other issues related to salt weathering of geological objects will be also relevant.