Vol. 45 (2023)

Cover photo: Aerial view of the Roman camp of A Ciadella (Galicia). Image courtesy of Dr. Adolfo Fernández (U. de Vigo).

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17979/cadlaxe.2023.45.0

Published: 2023-12-22

Table of contents

Characterization of joint mortars and pavements from the Roman site of A Ciadella (NW Spain)

  • Enrique Alonso-Villar
  • Teresa Rivas Brea
  • Adolfo Fernández Fernández
  • Marta Lago Cerviño
  • Alba Antía Rodríguez Nóvoa
  • Patricia Valle Abad
Published: Dec 22, 2023
Pages 1-16

Geostatistical analysis of macroelements, microelements and heavy metals extracted with Mehlich-3 on a vineyard microplot

  • Eva Vidal Vázquez
  • Irene Varela Vila
  • Eliana Marcela Cárdenas Aguiar
  • Marcos Lado Liñares
  • Antonio Paz González
Published: Dec 22, 2023
Pages 59-74