Guimarães Ecological Program for the Learning of Sustainable Environmental Development-PEGADAS

Patrícia Ferreira, Jorge Cristino, Carlos Ribeiro


As part of a broader municipal project aimed at sustainable development of the territory, the PEGADAS program-Ecological Program for Sustainable Environmental Development of Guimarães aimed to reinforce education and environmental awareness in a context of promoting the global objectives enshrined in Agenda 2030. The main goal is to guarantee the acquisition of “knowledge and skills necessary to promote sustainable development through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles”. At the same time PEGADAS assume as priority the environmental protection, through the use of renewable energy, action against climate change, the protection of marine and terrestrial life, the sustainability of production and consumption and the development of sustainable communities (United Nations Regional Center for Western Europe, 2016). Its principles are equity, transversality and scope of action in its interactions with schools in particular and the community in general.


Education; Sustainability; Awareness; Transversality; Development

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