We Recycle the World. Environmental Education Activities in 1st CEB Schools in Maia

Teresa Filomena Pinto dos Santos


This article aims to show the importance of environmental education projects in the 1st Cycle of Basic Education, through Curricular Enrichment Activities (AEC). It is in the rst years of schooling that students should start working on issues related to environmental education in order to raise awareness of environmental good practices. In this context, the project “Recycling the World” was born in the Gonçalo Mendes Schools Association of Maia, in partnership with Maia City Council, revitalized in the ACS. The aim of the project was to raise students’ awareness of the importance of recycling concepts, 4’RS policy and the importance of proper waste management. It was also intended to alert students to the negative impacts caused by the production of waste and to know the route from its production to the nal destination.


Environmental Education; Recycle; Reduce; Reuse; Recover.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17979/ams.2017.23-24.0.3379


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